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How to use Hampers For Foodies Cheese Selector

Using the selector is easy, just tick the boxes that best describe the attributes that you’re looking for, press next and scroll down the page to see the choices that are available. If you wish to change an attribute then simply untick that option and select another.

In the case where you move back a step or more to change attributes you’ll notice that you’ll have to reselect your choices in going forward onto the next group.

Please note that certain combinations of attributes won’t give you a result, for example in trying to select a cheese that is both pasteurised and unpasteurised, or one that is both British and Continental or one that is both cow and goats milk.

Where you receive a message saying ‘Sorry we may not have a cheese available which matches your requirements’, then simply untick your current options and try another set. It’s really easy and you’ll be whizzing through in no time at all.

You can buy any cheese in the listings by simply adding to your shopping basket. Please feel free to move around Hampers For Foodies and enjoy learning about some of the finest produce that our Region has to offer.

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